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Computer automatically restarts, too much custom content?

I have an AMD Athlon 3800+ dual core processor (1.00Ghz x 2), 960 MB of RAM, a Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE graphics card w/ 256 MB of video RAM, and 3.9 Gigs of custom content (and all the expansions + glamour stuff)

Without the custom content my game runs just fine. With the custom content my game works fine for a minute, then there's a minute of increased lag time and then my computer automatically restarts itself.

When the computer turns back on a message says "The system has recovered from a serious error. A log of this error has been created." The windows report says it's a stop error (something caused the "Windows operating system to stop unexpectedly") and it has something to do with my video card. I've tried the latest drivers as well as rolling-back + I've decreased the hardware acceleration and the in-game graphics options, but to no avail.

Is this possibly because of a bad download or because my system can't support 3.9 Gigs of custom content? (do I need a faster CPU or more RAM to fix this problem)?

Also, how much custom content is too much? How many gigs can your game support?

Any help would be greatly appreciate!!

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