pumpkin66612 (pumpkin66612) wrote in sims2problems,


So you know how you click on an object, and the little blue button menu pops up with things to do with that object, and you can then click on a blue button to give your sim an action command?
well my stupid buttons appear for like 1/2 a second before they disappear for no reason, without me moving or clicking anything.
IT IS SO FRUSTRATING because now i cannot give my sims any commands and am thus unable to play............. unless i want to sit and watch them move about with their own free will (but honestly who does that???)
I tried to be sneaky with my mouse and click an option as fast as i can possibly get my little mouse over there, but it always disappears before i can click a command.

this problem only started recently, and it is relentless. anyone know a fix or even why it is doing this???

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